Ever wonder what actually happens week to week in development? We’ve decided to start publishing our changelogs to give you a behind the scenes answer to that question.

Wave Crash Changelog v0.9.00

With the Wave Crash open beta and release right over the horizon, we thought it would be valuable to give you all an insider look at what changes with each new version of the game. Therefore we’ve compiled a changelog from our git commits for your viewing pleasure.

We’d be happy to write tutorials or walkthroughs on any of the new features, so just leave a comment or drop us a line on Twitter @_NotRobot if you are hungry for a more in depth view.

New Features and Updates:

  • Adds dismemberment and exploding on severe impacts.
  • Adds multiple riders to all existing vehicles.
  • Adds ability to add friends to vehicles for multiple riders.
  • Cosmetic stats now apply from friends’ items.
  • Adds new midground/wave textures
  • Adds marker to stage at friend distance. Tells how close player is to friends’ scores.
  • Adds in game hud display for coins and distance.
  • Adds alert when a new buoy has been passed.
  • Upgrades the trick blaster text color and direction.
  • Adds lil’ tugger and pirate ship.
  • Allows play when not online.
  • Purchase button in shop updated.
  • Speeds menu transitions up when another click is made during transition.
  • Adds latest map icons.
  • Adds notifications to buttons on main screen when new items available.
  • Adds beta notification window for first time in game.
  • Updates Currency menu with new art
  • Updates boosts screen with new art.
  • Adds new item purchased screen with social functionality.
  • Adds loading screen tips to splash screen.
  • Updates level up screen and rewards.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes error that happens on first login.
  • Fixes the gap in background.
  • Makes network (flox) errors fail gracefully with a popup message.
  • Fixing bugs in currency panel
  • Makes retry button work after buying pearls
  • Cleans up messy collision detection on rider.
  • Fixes latent bug with legal landings killing you on first playthrough.
  • Fixes bug where passengers didn’t match scale of rider.
  • Prevents rider from drowning.

Game Balance:

  • Increases death timer from 3->4 seconds.
  • Balances coin/pearl levelup rewards.
  • Balances purchase prices, minor copy fixes.
  • Adds game completion settings, calculation, and display.

Performance Tweaks:

  • Adds rate limiting and maximum to SplashSystem for performance.

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