Wave Crash

Take a high speed aquatic adventure, performing tricks and collecting coins to customize your vehicles and your avatar. Explore dozens of rivers, lakes, and seas from Earth and beyond!

Come on in. The Water's fine.

Collect coins while cruising over the tumultuous waves. Don't run out of time or wipe out from a bad landing!

Wave Crash Title Screen

Wave Crash Game Play

Come for the adventure. Stay for the fun.

Play in dozens of waterways inspired by real (and some not so real) locations.

Customize Everything.

A huge list of vehicles so you can ride in your own style. Customize by upgrading the things you want. Add some class with cosmetics that let you tailor your play even more.

Wave Crash Vehicles

Wave Crash Leaderboards

Pwn your friends. Show them who's boss.

Compete against your buddies with leader boards populated with people you know instead of just strangers.